Friday, December 31, 2010

The First Blog For Them All!!!

   First one of the year, I am excited, like this excitement is so exciting it does not even matter how many time I say EXCITEMENT (or how big it gets... (that's what she said)). This is my New Years resolution for 2011

             Now on to my main topic:
   Fire Works 

   Yes they are fun, when you are the one getting to play with them, but when you are not, its depressing watching others have fun, really it is. That's kind of why I hate New Years, it's one reason there are many more we will get there. Like trying to sit out your bed room window alone and trying to look up is not fun, there is no one to hold hands with or put you head on their shoulder. You end up being the person that all your friend for the rest of the year remember as the Loner New Year Eve girl, yeah I was called that one year.  Also number two, they are fire and fire yeah that shit kind of hurts REALLY BAD. Then there is always the people that save them all year round to play with them on the nights they know you have a HUGE test to study for. Yes, you people, I know your ways!! I was the same once... then we moved from the states... now the Germans do it and I can't say anything about it... Also Germans are loud and can be drunk and even LOUDER. Also New Years means social interaction... I am not good at that... I like talking on the computer with guys I really like because there are no friends around to bug you and stuff... or drunks, fireworks, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends to get in the way, or the kiss... You know what kiss I am talking about, its the one were at twelve on New Years you kiss or have a very touching moment, yeah those. I am not good at those AT ALL, come on really its like you have to do this they are looking at you, with the lips and everything all pushed out like a fish and you just want to run and hide, or just pick them awkwardly. 
    But there is still hope for me and New Year, Hopefully one year I will get out of the house and have fun and not be afraid of something going wrong. HA that will be the day! Joking I will one day get out one New Years and have fun. Not so much this one though. Anyway, hope you have a great New Years unlike mine. 
                                                                 Misa the Zombie blogger:D