Sunday, February 27, 2011

been playin

been playin
been playin by ΔKobra~KidΔ on

Professor Layton and little big planet 2, to keep my mind of the fact the mcr is like two hrs away from my house
D: *sigh* lucky

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Chemical Romance, my true hero's

  So my mum wont let me see my favorite band. shit they are not just my favorite band they mean a lot to me. My mum doesn't understand what that means.
  They helped me through the hardest parts in my life, from depression and when I had virtually no friends. They had gone through the same shit I went through growing up. Being picked on and teased, and being thought differently of because who I am. They music touches me in a way music will never ever touch her. Their lyrics touch my heart and stay there for ever. Nothing has ever affected me like the way their music does. She told me she cried to but I don't believe the Police saved her from thoughts of suicide. They were there to help me through that when no one was there. I know if I did go see them live and in person I would end up crying my eyes out.
  They saved my life, and I am not just saying that. They are not famous to me they are normal guys trying to make a difference in the world, help people like me get better. They are my hero's, what they did was nothing compared to talking to parents, a counsellor or therapist could ever do. Parents, a counsellor or therapist just ask you who does that make you feel better, end up making people more depressed, or giving up and just had you antidepressants that don't even work sometimes. 
  So to me they are not just a band or famous people, they have been and always will be more than that, they will be the people that saved me from me. My true hero's.