Saturday, March 5, 2011

English Project

English Project
English Project by ΔKobra~KidΔ on

Penny Lane, is the title of my English short story Its about to best friends Lynz and Lily, and Lily's older brother Frank. Its spring break in California and Freshman Lily has the week with her older brother Frank who is staying with her while their mom is out for a business trip. Frank has had the biggest crush on Lynz even though she in a Junior in high school. So it is Lily's job that by the end of spring break that the two kiss before Frank has to head back to college. This is not a Frank Iero fan fic, OK, i just REALLY like the name Frank and wanted a guy that kind of looked like him but i cant find one. Also when I finish the short story i will post it in polyvore for all my lovelys to read

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