Sunday, March 20, 2011

making food with misa

making food with misa
making food with misa by ΔViolent ~ ViolinΔ featuring a tiered dress

going to make this a normal thing now Eggy tator tots You need Tator Tots Three eggs Chillie flakes vinella olive oil salt pepper 1 poor a little olive oil on to you frying pan and wait for it to heat up 2 add you tator tots and let them good and get chrispy 3while you are waiting to tator tots to cook, crack open three eggs and whisk them all up 4add the salt, pepper, and a little of vanilla to the eggs 5 go back to your tots and add a dash of chilli flakes 6 poor in the eggs and finish by acting like you are cooking up scrambled eggs I normally eat this with mustard but ketchup is fine as well i also eat fruit like strawberry or peaches with it Happy cooking

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