Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to School, Back to School

  Well its Tuesday... obviously, my day sucked. I ate lunch by myself, they guys were off campus and my two best friends sick at home. I hated it, and I blame every thing on who, Sean Salas, my best friend. Her not being at school just screwed my day up, first in the morning when my ex was hanging around another best friend. I don't like my ex at all, but I try to get over it. Then in yearbook I always feel like a lost puppy when she not there, its horrid. The good thing about her not being there I got watch over the library when our librarian talked with a teacher. It made me feel powerful.
   My day was boring I know, so here is what I WISH  had happened.

  I wake up and do as i planned shower and switch out my contacts, MY hair would turn out the way I wanted, big and full for how thin it is. I would have gone to school and felt good, about going to school. When I get there people came to me and hugged me. Then the guy I liked would come to me and hugged me and said he liked me back. That's just the morning, the after noon, in Math we would do nothing at all, just talk and get A's. Same thing would happen in yearbook. But that's just what i hope for never going to happen HA!

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