Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is meh parteh

  I am now seventeen whoop whoop! I don't feel any different or look any older, maybe I will get more responsibility's probably not. My day was great I loved all the birthday wishes from all of my friends and the food they brought me! Other then that it was like a normal day, go to school sleep most of 1 hour, try to stay awake 2 hour, get ditched by my friends ten minutes in to lunch, finish eating alone. I stood in the rain waiting for the bus that was fun! Never saw him today and I wanted a hug to. I can get a hug from you right after all it is my birthday... sigh. I need a boyfriend... Blogspot will you go out with me?? No oh I see you have better things to do.
  My box with the greatest band shirt is not here yet... were is it!! I ordered it like three weeks ago were are you shirt?? I need to stop online shopping... i just ordered more clothes and a movie... Its Chicago so it was not that bad of a choice right?? Well I don't care what you say its a great funny movie. Tomorrow I am going shopping with my two best friends:D getting my dress and some other stuff... I want to get pizza.

                                                                                                Sorry for the wait for the people that read
                                                                                                                                      Love the Zombie

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