Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Listing Stuff Today

  1. Today was awesome thank god
  2. Not home were I want to be
  3. Thank you Sean, Sean and Shin for eating lunch with me and my friends:D
  4. Liked all the hugs I got even if they were rangging from morning to after noon
  5. Going to have my gay friend balls for ditching me after school
  6. Last glade were I am I have internet that  lets be on BlogSpot so I can Blog!
  7. Had bad Chinese food but helped my craving
     I am really bored, wish I was home were there is working Facebook so I can talk to friends!
     Not much I want to talk about today, but I got to talk to a guy I have an off and on feelings for thank god.       Also got a hug from other guy I like... I want to ask him to winter formal but I fear rejection. I feel my Blogs have been a bit short oh well.
                                                             love you long time
                                                                                      The zombie Misa 

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