Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who are you who who who who

Who are you who who who who

Who are you who who who who by They hate me cause I am young featuring t shirts

YELLL i really wanna know
Today I am staying home like a loner.
Well I do have Finals to study for on Monday so its made some sense.
Grr, I need to get out more.
Just found out a friend of mine and a guy I use to/still kind of like, is going to Ireland the same time me and my family is going. So it's gonna be a little weird, because I just had plans to drink a lot when we were there.
My Mum and Dad are off to some friends house for the day, so I am home alone YAY party, jk i suck at throwing partys so no party sorry.
Also sorry bout not posting for a while just be busy with school stuff and drama.
I might try to get our school signed up for doodle 4 google, would be fun!
The "Earth" without "Art" is just "Eh"

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