Saturday, January 1, 2011

The cat.

   I have a kitten named Zelda, she is crazy all the time. The first day we got her I could tell she was gonna be a hand full just from the car ride home. She meow the hole way if she was in her carry kennel and when she was out she would explore. Her explorations weren't the normal sniff the back seat, find a spot and sleep, no it was like this and I have to translate the meowing.

Zelda: Meow, she walks some were in the car, MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW...purrrr... MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW
*translation* Look over here, walks over there, OH MY GOD WERE AM I, GET ME OUT... Its all good i found the warm stop... whyarewestoppingisthatfoodismellooohhhoiwantsome!!

Me: Zelda shut up, I am trying to pet you hold still. Oh thank god she is sleeping. OOOooOOO food, cat looks over at me, no you can not have my food.

   When we get home we let her free, show her the litter box where her food is and all that jazz. Then the dog comes in all hell breaks loss. All you hear is hissing and yapping its like you want to put a mussel on the two of them. I tried to keep the dog away from the cat, but my mum insisted that the two be close so they could smell butts, because that's like saying hi in the animal kingdom. What ever its gross!

   Later along the road I find out she has this thing with being picked up and playing in the small carry on bag i have in my room. It was cute at first not its irritating. She also plays kitty fetch, like when it first happened she brought me a hair tie, I though she had read my mind because I really needed one. She placed it on my lap looked at it then me then the hair tie. I said aloud to her "what do you want me to do with it." She then looked away and looked back, I picked it up and she attacked it. Out of wonderment I through the hair tie, Zelda then ran after the tie and brought it back. I freaked out, the knowledge I got from said game of fetch we played was that my cat was not normal at all.    
   Other then her annoying facts Zelda is cute she follows me around the house and will look at the door when I don't come home with my mum and think were is  my human. She is the best cat a girl could ever ask for and hope she stays with me as long as she can!

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